Top 10 Best Android Games of 2019

Top 10 Android Games 2019

Gaming on mobile has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. It won’t be long before we see some more impressive titles than we had last year. Arguably, they have more chances of hitting new heights this year. Without delay, here are the best Android games available in 2019.

1. Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing is a top-down where tiny cars dart about in circuits. In that case, the races are tight and hence can handle remote cars than free real fare. And if you glance away from the screen for just a moment, they will disappear. Here there are lots of content with numerous races across a wide range of environments. As you play the game, you will zoom through several ruins. Though the AL’s are at times too arrogant, it will be much easier with car upgrades.

2. Need for Speed

It exists in a planet where police opt to purchase expensive cars to ram on criminals. And when they are free, they usually go down the streets racing each other to decide who will pay the bills depending on who lost. It is one of the simplest racers to play as you will basically weave your way through the amazing landscape.

3. Final Freeway 2R

Sega’s classic OutRun has inspired it. You will race in a red car on a road where everyone is driving in the same direction. Only when you hit a fork will you have the freedom to select the route to follow. Arguably, it has emerged as more better that which inspired it. If you play this game, you will not deny being in gaming heaven.

4. Rush Rally 2

You will often find yourself embedding your car in a tree. Initially, you will tend to crash and find yourself heading in the wrong direction. To avoid that, you need to slow down a bit and take a little more care, and within a short time, you will have adapted on the basics. In some instances, you won’t be allowed to zoom without using the brake pedal.

5. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

It is among the few games without boring bits. The game gives you the freedom to delve into teams and sponsors. As the developer released this game, they ensured that it was well balanced with a mix of depth and accessibility instead of sitting you in front of glorified spreadsheets. After you are ready, you will watch an extremely exciting racings. They will surprise you knowing that you are watching numerous discs zoom around several circuits.

6. 80 Days

It features an old braggart called Phileas Fogg. As a reliable agent, you must assist him to explore the world within 80 days. This will involve trading and selecting the best routes to use. Lately, there has been a continuous addition of content to add plenty of replay value.

7. Milkmaid of the Milky Way

You play as Ruth, an energetic young woman who lives on a remote farm. She is so hard working such that after making her dairy products, she opted to sell them to a town far away. Something strange happens, and her cows are stolen. Without delaying, Ruth decides it is time to go for her cows. She boards across a spaceship and finds herself in a sequence of struggles. As you play, it will not be long before you are satisfied by its logical but yet amazing puzzles.

8. Samorost 3

You will have to explore your surroundings at the same time unearthing objects. It involves a mad monk who used a vast hydra to smash loads of planetoids. Since you are an ambitious space-obsessed creature, you must figure out how to set things right. From a twitch of insect’s antennae to a scene where you encourage the insects to sings, it is truly a magical experience to play the game.

9. Minecraft

It is a stripped back take on the desktop version although you still get different ways to play. You get into a creative mode by exploring and crafting a virtual world. It has a survival mode that enables you to manage your resources during the day and then battling the enemies during the night.

10. Alone

It is all about speed and being in slightest control for you to survive. Instead of leaping between buildings, you can fly through deadly caverns. As you fight to survive, your ship will experience minor collisions which will act as warnings. Unlike many other games, it is genuinely exciting to play.

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