Top 10 Best FPS Games for 2019

2018 was jam-packed with some of the greatest releases ever in the FPS genre, for both single player, arena shooters and of course eSport games. This year has a tough act to follow but we have some absolute monster FPS games coming out / are already out in 2019. In this post Nic runs through the best FPS games of 2019, providing a summary of the top titles for the headshot addicts! And if you’re in the mood for some serious FPS sessions you should check out our top 10 gaming mice & top 10 gaming monitor guides.

  • Call of duty
  • Far Cry 5
  • Battlefield Ops 4

Top 10 FPS Games 2019

This year lineup of these games looks to be even more exciting than 2018… Don’t believe me?  Scrolls down and check out the top FPS games of 2019:

1. Destiny 2.

It is an improvement of Gear in that the story makes more sense now. Though the core gunplay in the original game was somehow perfect, this time around is even much satisfying. While the maps are stunning and exciting, it is still a disappointment to some gamers since there are no new enemy races to fight. Otherwise, it has been developed such that it respects your time. The gear drops are balanced around playing for a few hours in a week. This will leave you enough time to clear the rest of your backlog.

2. Star Wars Battlefront 2.

If you compare it to the first Battlefront game, for sure, you will see that it has been improved in every way. From the environments to the facial animations not ignoring the individual markings of the barrel, it is surely a visually stunning game. Moreover, if you a great fan of star wars and you have been looking for an awesome first-person shooter, then this is the perfect option.

3. Call of Duty.

For the past few years, it has been offering the best CoD experience that no game can. Before you fight your way across Europe, you will storm the beaches of Normandy. In this occasion, you will experience the events of the Second World War through the eyes of a soldier. It has not only detailed facial animations but also environments. Additionally, it boasts of numerous maps across Europe featuring maps with very tight corners and the extremely enclosed area which is perfect for submachine guns and shotguns.

4. Half-Life 2.

Arguably, it is tough to come across a game that is more spellbinding than Half-Life 2. From the time you find yourself tossing your trademark crowbar to that moment when you ride that train in the City 17, you will know that you are in for one hell of a ride. It’s unmatchable in-game cinematic, and memorable cast of allies that have left users pinning for a third in series.

5. Battlefield 1.

Offering a humbling look at the First World War, a change from its main competitor it is one of the favorite games worth investing your time on. The campaign is offered in an anthology format, allowing gamers to hear tales about hundreds of civilians who took part in the world war. Presence of destructible environments means that the state of play can change anytime. While Battlefield hardline are concentrated on the ongoing battle between police and criminals, this game takes us back to the end war. At that time there was no drones, high powered weapons not even vehicles.

6. Killing floor 2.

It is arguably better than the popular Killing floor game. It takes you to a sea with bullets flying all over and blood splattering around you. If you team up with your friends, it will be much enjoyable. Away from that, the blend of weapons and environments can satisfy any seasoned gamer.

7. Doom.

Before you are thrown into action at the deep end within minutes of playing, you will start with a casual skull crush. So that you can’t be surrounded by friends, it goes against the shoot trends commonly known to these games. While playing the game, you will find several power-ups that will make your destructions a little bit successful. Therefore, if you are truly looking for a simple but a fun shooter to play, then Doom is here.

8. Team Fortress 2.

Though it does not offer plenty of room for shooting expertise, it has proved to be a real fun riot for rank amateurs. What you need to do is to choose that single character who appeals you more. And if you land on an extremely fast soldier, you will get to where you want in the game.

9. Global Offensive.

Being one of the most popular FPS eSport games at the moment, it offers its users an experience more real than any other game. As for now, there are some games available that possess some weapons and skins. Skins are very relevant since they allow you to customize how your weapon will appear.

10. Call of Duty 4.

After it was released back in 2007, it grabbed the heart of many gamers globally. It was becoming a bonafide phenomenon day by day. A full combination of upgraded weapons make this game favorite among many series.

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