Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops of 2019 – $600 to $1800

Gaming laptops are more portable for playing games on than desktops and some of these have similar performance levels. Nic reviews the top gaming laptops for 2019 ranging from the top of the price range to the low cost surprise packages allowing you to find the best gaming laptop for your budget.

Advances in technology and falling prices for GPUs now mean that you can get a much better gaming laptop no matter what your budget than you could have done a couple of years ago. This means the low cost laptops provide you with performances that punch well above their weight, and that you get more for your money at the top of the price scale.

What we are reviewing in terms of laptops would cost you anywhere from $650 to $1,800+ and these models will be sufficient for providing high performance gaming for two to four years before you will need to consider upgrading. We included product launch / trailer videos for each laptop so you can get an overview of what the laptop looks like and some of it’s core features (We hope you like dubstep because every manufacture has used it for background music!).

Top 10 Gaming Laptops 2019:

Let’s get on it with it…

Here is Nic’s no overview of the Top Gaming Laptops for 2019.

1. The MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 15.6 inch laptop

The best gaming laptop of 2019 overall

If you are looking for a thin, light yet powerful gaming laptop then this is the machine for you. It has everything you could possibly want and it fits so neatly in your backpack. You could even justify spending money oh this great laptop by saying you will do work on it. Now the standard version will allow you to play some of the best games on it. If you are able to spend a few hundred dollars more why not go for the deluxe version with the GTX 1700 that if you adjust your settings will allow you to game at 100 fps instead of 60.


2. Razer Blade 15

The best designed and toughest laptop of 2019

With the Blade 15 Razer have finally come with a gaming laptop that can compete with the rest. For a few years Razer did not quite get their laptops right, yet they have done so with this model. It happens to be the thinnest laptop of the year so far and it is surprising strong given it’s lightweight aluminium construction.

It is fitted with a powerful Intel processor (the Core i7-8750 H), which allows you to play on the latest games with no problems. The speed and the graphics look even better on the 144hz screen. Hopefully now they have got it right that they will continue to get it right.


3. The Acer Predator Helios Helios

The best budget gaming laptop under $1000

Considering that the Acer Predator Helios 300 costs less than $1000 providing you with excellent value for your money including GTX 1060 graphics. Acer have given us a laptop that will play the most popular games of the last few years at 60 fps on max settings. Even though it is set at 60hz the picture and graphics look good, and you can upgrade to 144hz without too much extra spending.

If you shop around you can buy this laptop for around $1,100, which is a steal at that price.


4. MSI GF63 8RC

The best laptop for gaming under $650

The starting price for the MSI GF63 8RC of around $650 makes it really good value for money, and you can upgrade the memory and other specifications at no significant extra cost. The gaming capacity is good enough for the time being though more experienced gamers will want to boost the hard drive quite quickly.

Only issue is that this model does not come complete with a SSD though it is no problem buying one.

5. The Gigabyte Aero 15X V8

The laptop with the longest battery life and highest productivity

The Aero 15X was one of the first thin gaming laptops and it is the most productive model available. It has a fantastic 144hz screen and the pictures look so good. Earlier versions of this laptop had problems with the drivers and the majority of those have been resolved.

6. Asus ROG Stix Scar Edition

Bigger laptop better gaming

The ROG Stix is a big powerful gaming laptop, and it outperforms laptops of a similar price. It’s extra size gives it extra power but makes it heavier. If you are mainly interested in power then this is your laptop. However it is the heaviest laptop and the battery life is terrible at only 2 hours.


7. The Dell inspiron 15 7567

The best budget laptop for indie

The Inspiron 15 is perhaps the ideal laptop for playing low power and indie games. It can handle low powerful and indie games. However it does not have the power to cope with higher quality games. Some people may also be put off by it’s cheap plastic look.

8. The Acer Predator Triton 700

Most powerful light thin laptop around

For it’s light weight and powerful performance the Predator Triton can actually outperform desktop gaming computers with it’s outstanding GTX 1080 performance. It is simply a delight to play games on in terms of performance.

The one mystery is why the touch pad was put at the top of the keyboard and not at the bottom, meaning you have to play it with a mouse. Also the price is on the high side.


9. The MSI GT75 Titan

This is the Leviathan of big gaming laptops

Gamers who want performance and do not really care about weight should opt for the GT75 Titan. It has the performance of a desktop and it weighs the same as one.

10. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

The Best HP Gaming Laptop

This one if for the HP fan bois, and it’s an excellent laptop and will allow you to play most AAA games at a reasonable frame rates with the settings at medium/high.

We hoped this market overview of the best gaming laptops for 2019 has helped you, drop us a comment below and let us know what you thought or if you have any questions.

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