Top 10 Fighting Games Of 2019 [Available Now!]

Top 10 Fighting Games – All of The Best Brawling Games Available Now

Hey guys check out my TOP 10 Fighting Games for 2019, we have summerized all the best fighting games for PC, Xbox, PS4 with easy to understand PROS and CONS for each game. Strong sales have prompted all of the major game companies to release at least one fighitng game each in the previous five or six years, and we have picked out our TOP 10 below…

So with many big names to choose from here is a list of the best combat / fighting games of recent times:

Soul Calibur 6


  • It looks great
  • It has a brilliantly varied roster
  • A great deal of game content for single game players


  • There are only limited tutorial resources

Soul Calibur 6 has to be the best game from this franchise since Soul Calibur 2. A game you simply must play if you are into the fighting genre.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Addition


  • Has a huge online and offline following
  • Pick up and learn instantly
  • Various line ups of characters
  • Game has loads of content


  • The net code provides some content, which is virtually impossible to play

If you want to start with fighting games start with Street Fighter V. For experienced players the characters provide a real trip down memory lane.

Players that can learn the fight moves in this game, can easily handle other games in the genre.

Dragon Ball FighterZ


  • It has fantastic graphics
  • Full of action and is fun playing
  • Loads of content for single players


  • Often fight the same characters when in online mode

One of the newest games is currently among the best brawlers. It uses the Arc Systems’ Unreal Engine 4 to ensure it delivers fast paced action and stunning graphics.

It can be played in single player and online multiplayer modes. Dragon Ball FighterZ is better than Marvel vs Capcom as the best team fighting game.

Tekken 7


  • Fighting in fantastic animation and graphics all in 3D.
  • There are plenty of characters, all having different fighting skills


  • Poor explanation of the game in the tutorials
  • There is sparse playing content for single player

Tekken 7 is great to watch as a fighting game, as well as being a lot of fun to play. At the end of each match there are slow motion highlights of the near hits.

Furthermore, six extra characters are due in around a year, which will hopefully improve the disappointing single player mode.

Injustice 2


  • The multiplayer mode continues non-stop
  • Features a truly great single player mode
  • Pick to play as awesome characters such as Hellboy and the Turtles


  • The animation may not be to your liking

The graphics and also the action play make Injustice 2 a contender for being the genre leader. Some love the animation while others hate it. Do not let the animation detract from it’s points. As a game to play solo it is really stunning.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike


  • Despite it’s age great looking 2D artwork
  • What a soundtrack!
  • Parry mechanic, need I say anything else?


  • Over all the 30th Anniversary Collection netcodes are of poor quality.

This is possibly the stand out game of the whole 30th Anniversary Collection, This is a classic fighting game way out on it’s own.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo


  • A true classic of a game
  • Such a fantastic look
  • The blueprint for all fighting games


  • Poor netcode of the 30th Anniversary Collection
  • Glitch means it is locked on the hardest level

Now Super Street Fighter II Turbo was such a ground breaking game, and it still looks and plays the part.

Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2


  • Game features breath taking anime
  • Interesting systems and rewards for combat
  • Best tutorial for any fighting game


  • Really hard for newcomers

This is such a brilliant anime based game, every element you could ever want. This game is certainly a challenge especially for new players.


  • Top notch graphics and characters
  • Lots of fun settings for single and multiple player roles
  • System allows so much depth for the game


  • Hardly any online action
  • It takes too much time to unlock the ARM

With ARM the taking part in the game is so much fun, yet if there was more to offer online it could even better.

Pokken Tournament DX


  • The fighting scenes look so good
  • Plays so brilliantly on the Switch


  • Single player mode is limited
  • The roster of the whole game needs to be longer

This is a revised version of the game was released on the Nintendo Switch, on which it looks superb.

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