Top Platform Games of All Time

Though they don’t come around often, there are platform games that have for sure changed the world. The specific genre has come a long way. It has generated numerous titles in more than three decades. Some of the games have stood more than others regarding plot, genuine fun factor and characters. Of course, it has offered a slew of games and memorable boss battles. Here are some of the games that are worth the time and effort.

1. New Super Mario Bros.

For the last 25 years, Mario has achieved a lot worth gaming. When he did not appear in Punch out, he was stomping on stuff. He has not only featured in his own television but also in different firms and made hundreds of millions for Nintendo. He has been described by Shigeru Miyamoto as a middle-aged man with a great sense of justice. Due to epic games, it has remained an icon for gamers of all ages.

2. Super Paper Mario.

Though it may be a few months away, this does not prevent you from getting your plumber fix right now. Weaving together a clever plot mixed with quirky characters and hilarious dialogue, it has proved to gamers to be worth spending their time on it. Shortly after you boot up, you need to adequately prepare yourself for a half hour dialogue. On the course of this lengthy exposition, you will come to know about Count Bleck and how he came to dominate the world.

3. Super Mario Galaxy.

It is one of the few games that don’t come so often. Arguably, it is the best game available for the Wii. The world is bright; the music is twee while the stars are shining. For sure if you have ever thought at any point to purchase a Wii, this is the option. It may not be the greatest game ever developed, but play it, and you will not deny the epic experience.


4. Splosion Man.

At time games that can be directly be downloaded are far much better than those games that will cost you hundreds of pounds and never to get the investment back. In the game, you will play like a mad man with the ability to make himself explode. Although peoples say it is the strangest idea for a game, it will work extremely well. While in a normal platform game you can jump, in this game all that you can do is to run and explode.


5. Little big planet.

Before it was released, peoples were excited about the upcoming 2d based platformer. Sony was looking for a game that could have improved handheld software lineup. It was in February 2007, when the rumors became a reality. If you ever played PS3, it is quite similar to this version. You have the freedom to control a Sackboy which is an avatar that resembles a kind of kid toy.

6. Cordy.

It has 2D sides roller accompanied by 3D visuals. While you don’t have full precision control, that is not the case with Cordy. Initially, this game will nip about the screen at a pace that is hard to get the hang of, soon enough the small guy feels completely under control. Early levels are very basic such that they only introduce the different types of game mechanics that will frequently appear as your progress through the stages. The main goal in every single stage is to collect enough energy cells which can fully power a generator.


7. Doodle Jump.

You can simply describe the app as for a press release but at the heart of many gamers lies a game that is charming. Since its inception earlier this year, it has received several updates. One of the main aims for its development is to achieve the longtime dream of replayability. Be guaranteed to have a more attractive game if you install it in your device.


8. Super Meat Boy.

It is one of the reasons people play games today. You control a friendly looking wad of meat. Each level is themed around one of the oldest video game design. So that you can be able to progress to the next level, you need to rescue your girlfriend called Bandage girl. Every time you get hold of her, she is snatched away once more. The control in this game is so simple to understand since you only require two buttons and the analog stick.



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